Detection of Non-Metallic Objects

The D10 module is a non-invasive body only scanning system capable of detecting non-metallic objects against the human body. It is a lightweight portable device designed for rapid screening in crowded places and for protection of sensitive sites and government facilities. The D10 uses safe low power RF energy to detect items on the human body, even when items are affixed to the body and hidden under bulky or wet clothing. Device detection includes tightly packed dielectric objects and explosives on the body down to 60 x 60 x10mm.

The D10 transmits human safe electromagnetic signals that reflects off of the scan recipient and returns to the D10 receiver. The D10 irratiates the target body with weak electromagnetic pulses from 8.5GHz to 12.4GHz. The receiver compares the received reflections to the known dielectric constants of scanned objects to determines if a non-metallic object is present on the scan recipient.

Enhanced human body detection capabilities:

  • Without create intrusive body scan images
  • Detection through wet clothes
  • Detection without taking shoes off