Accuracy enhancing hands-free system directly affixes to gun scopes or spotting scopes. Exotic prism design allows small footprint and light weight, in addition to unhindered sight picture of original scope. System will not affect use of an optical device in the event of a failure. As user aims at targets, embedded camera zooms display to the right of rifle scope. Ballistic computer calculations can be overlaid on zoomed image. Design is extremely flexible, leading to enhancements, such as embedded ballistics, enhanced low-light imagery, IFF, and target geo-location. Features include:

  • Embedded camera/heads-up-display
  • Low-light vision enhancement w/o changing true axis
  • Full ballistic computer (optional)
  • Attainable cost
  • Low power usage
  • Fault Tolerant / No moving parts
  • True hands-free operatio
  • Extended capabilities / Multi-spectral sensing through scope