Lightspeed G10

The LightSpeed™ G10 unit is the latest generation of the LightSpeed™ optical communication system, incorporating the technology into a gun scope mounting package. G10 is built to attach to any observation scope / gun scope platform. The eye-safe IR LED (no laser) used by G10 allows non-visible communications between units at distances up to 3+km. Using the supplied headsets, G10 provides full-duplex voice communication. The unit also functions as a network link to a remote computing device or to another system via Ethernet or USB network connection. In situations where
a hardwire connection is unavailable, G10 is the perfect alternative to cables.

  • Most secure communication technology on the market
  • Bi-directional Data, Voice, and Video
  • Point-to-point LAN extension
  • Attached to any spotting/gun scope platform
  • 100% eye-safe IR LED communications
  • Long range Free Space Optical system
  • Perfect for emergency or clandestine communications
  • Handheld, gun or tripod mounted for ease of use
  • Best alternative to cables
  • Perfect performance even in fog at distances 5-6 times the visibility limit