Low-Cost FLIR

TPIR-45™ is a family of low-cost FLIRs operating in long IR (7-14µ) range. Built to exacting standards, TPIR-45™ are shock and water-resistant and will withstand the environment when used as a weaponscope. Fast detachable mount allows the unit to be interchanged with other optical equipment in seconds. The electronic reticle allows precise targeting, changes color to provide maximum contrast against its background and optionally will estimate the temperature of the target in crosshairs. TPIR-45™ operates on either AA (8) or CR123 (4) batteries with swapable battery packs and has auxiliary port for operation on external battery, AC electrical outlets or vehicle cigarette lighters. A video output port allows the video to be displayed on an external video monitor or recorded and transmitted wirelessly. When used as a scope, TPIR-45™ may be operated hand-held or tripod mounted and externally controlled through software. TPIR-45™ is provided with 2x afocal adapter.