Custom Imaging Solutions

Torrey Pines Logic builds custom image solutions for industrial and
governmental needs. Extensive experience with marinized and
environmentally protected systems puts TPL an innovation leader.
Component toolkit includes gimbals, gyro-stabilized and software
stabilized platforms, long range optics, color night vision imagers and
variety of mid- and long-wave sensors.

Models range from field-usable to data center rack-mount units.
Multi-spectral solutions built and successfully deployed with multiple
customers. TPL-built low-light cameras perform orders of magnitude
better than any competition. System operators have full control over the
imagers and can enhance day and night image clarity, color and can
reduce noise substantially. Real-time controls go from hardened
game-pads to sophisticated touch interfaces. When integrated with long
range optic systems, performance can pushed to provide excellent
imagery at distances up to 50km.